Dr. Yates' Approach To Optimal Weight

Dr. Yates has had thousands of client visits over the past 11yrs to help clients lose weight and feel their best. The program has grown and continues to improve with each year to bring you the most optimal results in a manner that is as convenient and affordable as possible. There are many factors we take into consideration when helping our clients with weight loss. A healthy weight loss program should improve all aspects of your health, not just help you lose weight. This is why we consider all of the following when working with clients to achieve weight loss.

  • Diet
  • Optimal Thyroid Function 
  • Hormone Balance 
  • Mineral Balance -
  • Healthy Digestive Function 
  • Sleep Patterns 
  • Stress/Cortisol 
  • Exercise

We consider each of the following for every client using our weight loss program so that we can achieve optimal results and optimal health. Because at the Yates Naturopathic Clinic your health is our priority! Below are some of the products that we commonly use for the weight loss program. You can also find more treatment information about all of the conditions listed above through the homepage of this site.

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