Sleep treatment Considerations

For sleep problems, it is always important to first consider the basics of sleep hygiene (reduce stimulants, screen time...). After that looking for an underlying cause is important. Common problems that disturb sleep include stress/cortisol imbalance, hormone imbalance, pain/body alignment issues, and an overactive bladder/prostate problems. So beyond just taking remedies that can induce a deeper sleep it is important to investigate these other causes as well.

For the sleep remedies themselves, you always want to start with milder and non-addictive treatment methods and then increase the strength of treatment if needed.

For instance, you could start with a calming herbal tea, if that doesn't help you could add some magnesium. Next, you could try Sweet Dreams (melatonin and 5HTP), or stronger herbal extracts like our Sleep FX.

In cases where this is not enough, I don't find adding sleeping pills becomes the answer, instead, it is typically an indication that there is another underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

In females low progesterone levels can greatly disrupt sleep and lead to waking during the night, often between 1-3 am. This is easy to test and address with topical progesterone cream. This is the most common sleep disruption found in menopausal patients.

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I have seen so many cases where everything improved for the patients once there sleep was corrected.  If you need any help improving your sleep please contact me or book an appointment.

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