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When it comes to treating allergies there are two important concepts we consider. First to reduce the symptoms of allergies in a natural non-drowsy way. Second, to work with the immune function to reduce its hypersensitive reactions to allergens.

To control the symptoms we find the best results with our Allergy FX formula. This all-natural non-drowsy formula works very well at reducing the itchy eyes and runny nose and breathing complaints that can accompany many allergy cases.

But to treat the underlying immune imbalance we use the following techniques, often in combination with each other:

Sublingual Allergy Drops: This has the same benefit as allergy shots without the side effects or concerns. It's easy, affordable and the effect is great. Just pick the drops that best match the allergens/seasons you are sensitive to and take 1-2 drops per day.

Diet: Reducing sugar, processed foods and food sensitivities plays a very large role in reducing allergy symptoms and Dr. Yates has seen seasonal allergies clear completely with just diet changes alone.

Immune FX: This potent blend of mushroom extracts has a great effect on balancing the immune system regardless of whether it is over-active or under-active.

Acupuncture: This age-old therapy also works great in conjunction with the above-mentioned therapies to help reduce allergy symptoms and balance the immune system.

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Dr. Yates has helped many cases of alleriges without the side effects of the long-term use of allergy medication.  Whether you live close to the clinic or need to consult over Phone/Video we have solutions that can help get you the relief you need.

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