When dealing with hormone imbalances associated with menopause, the testing depends upon which treatment options the client is open to pursuing. If the client wants to try natural remedies before bioidentical hormones replacement therapy (BHRT) then a combination of herbal therapies can be used to treat based upon the symptoms of the case, such as hot flashes.

However, if BHRT is used as a treatment, then hormone testing would also be necessary to help determine the levels of the clients' free estradiol and progesterone.


1) Low estrogen, low progesterone 

2) Elevated estrogen, low progesterone

In almost every menopause case progesterone is found to be low for females in this demographic and estrogen is generally out of balance as well by being too high or too low.

TREATMENT OPtions without bio-identical hormones

1) Symptom-based herbal treatments for hot flashes, sleep disruption, mood changes etc.  Treatments options can include herbal therapies, diet adjustments, herbal teas or dietary supplments

TREATMENTS options with bio-identical hormones

1) For low estrogen, low progesterone - herbal treatments for symptoms and topical bioidentical hormones to increase estrogen and progesterone into the optimal range 2) For elevated estrogen, low progesterone - Use the Hormone Balance capsules to detoxify excess estrogen and topical BHRT progesterone cream to increase progesterone into the optimal range

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