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Weight Loss & Hormones

Dr. Yates has a special focus on weight loss and conditions that affect weight loss (Hormone Imbalance, Thyroid Disorders, Stress/Anxiety, Constipation and Pain).  After 10 years of practice and treating thousands of clients he has continually worked to improve his diet plan to help get the greatest benefits for his patients.  The diet works for weight loss while at the same time reducing inflammation, balancing blood sugar/blood pressure and preventing the deficiencies commonly associated with many other diet programs.

Dr. Yates has designed a specialized weight loss smoothie which most clients use for breakfast. Beyond that, we encourage clients to eat real food and not just bars and weight loss beverages for the duration of the program. Doing this allows clients to learn about healthy eating and helps prevent them from rebounding after they have reached their goals.

Our treatment options also include:
-B vitamin injections
-Botanical formulas for thyroid and adrenal support
-Bio-idenctical hormones (if needed based upon hormone testing)
-Dessicated thyroid/ERFA thyroid (if needed based upon blood testing)
-Acupuncture for conditions with pain or stress/anxiety


Phone consults for weight loss are now available. If you don’t live close to one of our consulting clinics (Stittsville, Nepean or Arnprior) you can now get your consult from the comfort of your own home. Then you can continue you injections at anyone of our 4 Ottawa locations.

To book a phone consult please click here: Phone Consult with Dr. Yates

Q:How much does the program cost?

Our program is the most affordable supervised weight loss program. Even more so if consider we are covered under most health plans.
Here is the cost break down:
Consult $150 – Covered under most health plans
Vitamin Injections $30 each – Covered under most health plans
Breakfast smoothie $70 for a month supply- Not typically covered.
Herbal Formula $50 for a month supply – Not typically covered
This means that the monthly cost that is not covered is only $130/month. Great results, great price, only at Yates Naturopathic.

Q:How much weight will I lose each week?

This varies between individuals, but if you follow the program as directed, typical results are 2-4 lbs per week for women and 3-6 lbs per week for men.
During the first week the results are often doubled as you will lose some water weight during this time.

Q:Are there any side effects to losing weight on this program?

By studying many of the side effects observed in other weight loss programs, Dr. Yates has been able to design this program to help prevent these unwanted side effects.

Q:I didn’t lose any weight this week, what’s going on?

When this happens, the first step is to review your diet diary and see if there were any errors made during that week. If the program was being follow correctly the next important considerations include constipation issues and, for women, where are they are during their menstrual cycle.
Constipation will slow weight loss and some women retain water during their premenstrual period. Both of these problems can be corrected with safe, natural treatments.

Q:How is this program different than other weight loss programs?

This program is designed to improve your health while you lose weight. To achieve this, Dr. Yates made the following alterations to common programs:

  • Our services are covered under most health plans
  • Increased calories
  • No chemical sweeteners or preservatives
  • Increased focus on real food and less dependence on bars/extra shakes (except breakfast)
  • The program can be altered to treat a variety of conditions while losing weight
  • This program emphasizes 3 meals per day as opposed to 5-6 meals per day. The research on frequent meals is poor and our method simplifies the diet while allowing the digestive tract time to digest and detoxify
  • Injections are only twice weekly
  • This program is safe to use indefinitely, making it more of a healthy lifestyle and not a yo-yo diet, which is definitely not true of many other diets
  • You don’t have to weigh food or count calories
  • No one is ever asked to leave our program because we our aim to support you and help you achieve your health goals.
  • You are allowed and encouraged to exercise while following this program.
Q:Can I exercise while I am on this program?

Yes you can and we encourage our clients to exercise while on the program. We also offer personal trainers and physiotherapy to help the client with their exercise program.

Q:Can I contact you if I have questions regarding the program?

Definitely, communication and clarification is always helpful for clients as they go through the required diet and lifestyle changes. The best way to get a hold of us is via email:

Q:Can this program help with my other health concerns?

Yes. This program is easily modified and frequently used by Dr. Yates to help treat arthritis, migraines, eczema, asthma and many other chronic conditions. This way you can lose weight and improve your health at the same time

Q:Do I need to use the breakfast smoothie?

The use of the smoothie is strongly encouraged while doing this program. It will help provide you with all of the nutrients you need while undergoing this change. It also will help detoxify and it reduces cravings for sugar and starches.

Q:Are there side effects to using the breakfast smoothie?

There are no side effects reported with the use of this smoothie and hundreds of clients have used it. It is gluten, soy, dairy, egg and preservative free.

Q:I am taking a variety of medications is the smoothie safe to use?

Yes it is. However, you need to inform your Naturopath about all of the medications your taking prior to starting this weight loss program.

Q:Can you use the smoothie while breastfeeding?

Yes and the smoothie has been safely used by breastfeeding patients, but if a client is concerned about the use of the smoothie then we can custom design alternatives as well

Q:I started gaining weight since menopause. Can you help with this?

Definitely – Dr. Yates works with this on a daily basis. We identify and treat many hormone imbalances using a variety of options and help you lose weight at the same time.

Q:I have been taking thyroid medications for years. I am still gaining weight and tired, can you help with this?

This is a very common problem that we encounter and that is often not properly addressed with conventional treatments…and yes we can help. Dr. Yates will work with you to help achieve a thyroid function that is optimal for you, not just within the “normal range”. Clients often feel dramatically better within a few weeks.

Q:Do I need to do testing or treatment for thyroid or hormone imbalances?

If your thyroid is not functioning optimally it will affect your weight and energy. The first step in mild to moderate cases is to always try to stimulate and support the thyroid gland to function properly. If this does not work then we can do further testing and treat with natural thyroid hormones to help you function optimally.

Q:How do you treat hormone imbalances?

Hormone imbalances are diagnosed by symptom presentation and often saliva hormone testing depending on which stage of life you are in. We also have a variety of treatment options ranging from herbs and supplements to topical bio-identical hormone creams.

Q:Are the injections necessary?

It is your body and always your choice to have a treatment or not. In Dr. Yates’ experience the clients that maintain the suggested injection schedule lose weight faster, reach their goals and feel better then clients that have decided to not use the shots.

Q:Why did the injection formula changed from MIC to Magnesium and Folic Acid.?

There are several reasons why this change was made:
After working with thousands ofof patient visits Dr. Yates has found the best effect for energy was from the B12 not the MIC
The Magnesium sulfate has a much better effect for reducing the effects of stress which is a big factor in weight loss
Patients are routinely deficient in Magnesium which increases cravings and reduces energy production
With this change the formula is now 100% preservative free which better aligns with our treatment goals and principles

Q:Are there side effects to the injections?

Any side effects related to the shot are usually just from the needle itself, such as a small bruise or slight sting during the injection. We use very small needles to greatly reduce and risks of bruising as well.

Q:Can I just do the injections and not the diet?

Yes you can, but the shots work to support this diet program. Dr. Yates’ has had clients lose weight using just the shots, but it is minimal compared to clients that do the diet and the shots

Q:Do I have to continue the injections forever?

No. Clients continue the shots until they reach their weight loss goals and then they can stop. Some clients decide to periodically continue with the shots as they feel significantly better getting the injections.

Q:Will I gain the weight back when I am done this program?

We have a maintenance diet designed for you to help keep the weight off. Because we encourage food over bars and meal replacements, the knowledge you gain and recipes you learn will help you keep the weight off.

Q:What testing do you offer for hormone imbalance?

We offer the most in-depth hormone testing available.  We can test saliva, urine and blood to see what your levels are, how do they change throughout your cycle and the breakdown metabolites you are producing.  Testing is covered by some plans so please contact your insurance provider.

Q:How do I get started?
  1. Select either Stittsville, Nepean or Arnprior from the orange tabs at the top of this page, depending on where you’d like to book your first appointment.
  2. From this new page, select “Naturopathic Initial Consult” from the column on the left and then select Dr Yates (in Stittsville or Arnprior) or Dr Bernardo (in Nepean). This will direct you to a calendar where you can pick your preferred date and time using the double arrows to scroll month by month.
  3. Once you’ve selected your preferred date and time, you’ll be prompted to provide your basic personal information before you can select the “Book This Visit” button in blue.
  4. If you live outside the areas these clinics serve, or you don’t have the time to devote to an in person consultation, you can book a Skype consult with Dr Yates by selecting “Skype Consult for Weight Loss” on the left-side column by after you’ve selected the Stittsville clinic from the orange tabs at the top of the homepage.
  5. Congratulations! You’ve just begun your weight-loss journey.


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