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Integrative Cancer Therapy

Integrative Cancer Therapy

At the Yates Naturopathic Clinic we spend a lot of time working with cancer patients to improve the results of their treatments.

We focus on therapies that have been studied to improve cancer treatment outcomes and reduce the side effects related with cancer treatment.  Dr. Yates will work with you and your oncologist to design an individualized program that best suits your needs.

For the integrative management of cancer Dr. Yates uses the following therapeutic options:

–   IV Vitamin C
–   Injectable Mistletoe extracts
–   IV Myers cocktail
–   Customized herbal formulas for immune function, nausea, rbc
–   Acupuncture
–   Enzyme treatments
–   Specialized diet programs

For clients under going chemotherapy or radiation we also offer the following conjunctive treatment options:

-To improve intestinal health, improve digestion and reduce nausea
-Formulas to improve immune function and blood cell count
-Supplements to reduce toxicity effects on liver, kidneys and nerves
-Treatments to reduce irritation to veins from IV’s



Dr. Yates works with many clients dealing with lyme disease and other related co-infections.  In-depth testing options area available and therapies to clear infections, improve immune function and detoxification pathways are all very important facets of treatment.  IV vitamin C is also a treatment option that many patients report significant improvement from.


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